Looking to re-activate production lines in a safe and profitable way? Industrial robotic alternatives might be just the answer you’re looking for.

From collaborative robotics to precision-critical robotics, industrial automation with UNIVERSAL ROBOTS and EPSON ROBOTS offers high repeatability and a safe alternative to start production without health risks. KOPAR’S documented success stories show a return on investment of less than 1 year in applications that require high repeatability and easy implementation.

Specially now, in the middle of a health pandemic with strong restrictive measures that affect operations and production lines, in terms of business economics, manufacturers who have adopted industrial robotic alternatives are seeing improved productivity, greater flexibility and an attractive ROI, all this while following the regulatory safety measures to ensure everyone respects social distancing in their production lines.

Industrial robotics solutions are developed with precision, hygiene and high-performance specifications according to the requirements of any production application and with high levels of production focus, their implementation as an automation step is linked with increased efficiency and productivity – leading to improved overall revenues.

Some examples of automated applications in a variety of industry segments that KOPAR has automated with industrial robotics UNIVERSAL ROBOTS and EPSON ROBOTS are:

  • Pick and place
  • CNC parts feeding and extraction
  • Injection modeling
  • Quality inspection
  • Materials and packaging handling
  • Dispensing
  • Bin picking
  • Palletizing

One of the main benefits for industrial robotics automation is human safety, robots enable workers to avoid harsh, hot and toxic production environments as well as handing over boring, repetitive tasks. This in turn generates process and product quality improvements.

There is no doubt that industry changes require quick action and adaptation, be it safety regulations or process improvement needs, EPSON ROBOTS and UNIVERSAL ROBOTS industrial robotic alternatives offer precision, safety and profitable solutions to production lines. EPSON’s critical precision and reliability makes it the perfect partner for fast-speed application and UNIVERSAL ROBOTS collaborative nature and easy deployments highlight its benefits as a flexible partner in applications that require human-robot interaction.

Start your production without health or safety risks with industrial robotics alternatives from UNIVERSAL ROBOTS and EPSON ROBOTS. Schedule a visit from our team of automation engineers today or learn more about robotic solutions on the following web pages:




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